This is an actual news headline?!

The older I get, the more convinced I am that we should let kids rule the world. My only concern is that they may cause as much damage as adults do.

I am watching BBC News and the following headline emerges in front of an evening London backdrop:

‘Pope Francis met gay couple in US’

I am not making this shit up. Here it is…

This is a story that causes genuine concern amongst the adult community? First of all the leading figurehead in Catholicism is arguably the closest man to a deity that is highly unlikely to exist. Secondly the fact that the couple are both of the same sex still stirs interest? 

I would understand if this was gossip on a school playground, but an international news corporation with an almost completely adult audience? It is time the world grew up. If you look at this headline and see it for anything else other than stupidity, please refrain from bringing up children of your own.


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