Atheists are more dangerous than believers!

Telling a believer that you’re an atheist must be like the other person in an elevator telling you they are a serial killer. And of that I am confident.

Throughout the centuries religious communities have mutually taken a dislike to a specific group. This is true for the main belief systems of the world, discrimination is still widespread to this very day. 

The group? Atheists. Of course religions fight amongst themselves but they all dislike atheists. Atheism is so fearful in some regions that the death penalty is the most logical response. This is of course needed, because…

Erm, hmmmm.

Anyways. It must be hard being told that your God does not exist. In a world full of discrimination what would fundamentalist believers use as a tool to drive such hate? It makes perfect sense to suggest killing this inconsiderate person, as nobody likes change. Maslow taught me this.

‘You don’t believe?! Argh!!!!!’

Religious folk, tell me if I am wrong here. When confronted by an atheist, it must be like being stuck in an elevator with someone that has just admitted to being a serial killer.

What stops them from harming me? Should I get them first?

The difference is the serial killer does want to harm you. I hope you were sitting down for that. Atheists however do not want to do such a thing. A killer kills because he or she is a killer. The clue is in the title. I do not want to kill you because I am not a killer.

It really is that simple folks. An atheistic world won’t be the nightmare scenario you’re thinking of.


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