Atheism is 100% faith based

Atheism demands the rejection of reason since it’s a 100% faith-based belief. That is what I have learned today!

Luckily for me, I refuse to believe everything I hear. Which is why I am an atheist. 

Refusing to believe in something until there is sufficient evidence is not rejecting reason. It is doing the exact opposite. It is embracing reason when it shows itself. What reason am I rejecting by being atheist? All I am doing is waiting for reason to come to me.


13 thoughts on “Atheism is 100% faith based

  • Precisely because atheism is 100% faith-based, no evidence for the existence of God will ever be sufficient.

    Those who believe by faith alone are impervious to reason.

    That puts the atheism in the same philosophical cesspool as Islam and the majority of Protestant sects.

    • I think for many atheists sufficient evidence would result in a belief in God. If there was sufficient evidence atheists would not pretend otherwise. This doesn’t mean that they would worship, I would imagine many would then describe themselves as anti-theist depending on views.
      I still struggle with the idea that you find enough evidence in a God to suggest believing in God is more reason than faith.

      • RE,

        I can prove my claim by providing scientific evidence that proves the existence of God and then watch as you blindly deny the evidence.

        You will offer all the atheist nostrums you’ve been programmed to parrot because atheism is a 100% faith-based belief that is impervious to reason and evidence.

      • RE,

        Multiple areas of science provide evidence for the existence of God.

        I will give only one, since you will deny any evidence and prove my point that no evidence for the existence of God will ever be accepted by an atheist.

        Evidence for the existence of God is found in the science of microbiology, specifically that area concerning proteins.

        Proteins are huge family of software coded, mass produced, specialty precision tools used in living creatures to perform special functions.

        In the area of anthropology, tool-making is a standard indicator for intelligence.

        Consequently, by the logic tool called “inference” which is used widely in science when direct observation is impossible (as in cosmology, quantum mechanics, astronomy, microbiology, chemistry, physics, etc.), we can infer that the existence of proteins indicates the existence of the intelligence behind their design, creation and function.

      • Have you ever sought without bias for the existence of God? If yes how do you know your search was without bias

      • Imagine you were to be born on a desert island, with no other humans for influence. There would be no way you would conclude that a God created the universe, had a child with a virgin and gave birth to a son that could turn water into wine.

        These are stories that we grow up around, but if you take away these influences and just look at the world, these is nothing at all that points to a Christian God, or any God for that matter.

      • Wujon,

        In the Western Tradition, bias was addressed with systematic thinking, whose purpose is the pursuit of what is actually, objectively true.

        Thus, the existence of God was reasoned out by the ancient Greeks over 2500 years ago.

        Modern science has since proven the existence of God.

        Consequently, one need not be religious to understand that God exists since the ancient Greeks were pagan and science is a particular brand of systematic thinking.

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