Spot the flaws!

Can anyone else see what’s wrong in this response? The claim is that we do need God to be compassionate human beings. I am convinced we don’t.


‘Having no one or nothing to answer to for their utter absence of morality which resulted in genocidal murder would be a very logical motivation for committing their crimes. Just as it is for the atheist today who engages in genocidal murder of unborn babies, sells their body parts while laughing about it. Then denies it. This is the behavior of atheists without a moral compass. That is a group of people that pick and choose convenient morals from the Judaeo-Christian morality infrastructure and then applies them to a bunch of ultra-developed single cell beings that magically emerged from a glob of primordial goo. Who, by the way, would have no “internal” moral structure whatsoever but would have the animalistic moral structure of the apes they somehow magically emerged from while leaving behind no evidence whatsoever of their emergence.’


22 thoughts on “Spot the flaws!

  • Compassion is an emotion and thus worthless unless it is guided by reason.

    Atheism demands the rejection of reason since it is a 100% faith-based belief.

    Consequently, any compassion shown by the atheist is the result of other irrational impulses or personal opinion.

      • RE,

        Can you prove atheism?

        No you can’t.

        Since faith is defined as the belief in that which cannot be proven, atheism is 100% faith-based.

        You can make all the excuses you want shifting the burden of proof from this universe to the next, but if you can’t prove atheism, you believe it by faith alone.

        It’s as simple, reasonable and easy to understand as that.

      • How can atheism be proved? It’s not a claim. It’s simply not believing in a deity until the evidence is provided.
        Atheism is a belief as much as not collecting stamps is a hobby.
        Your perception of atheism is way off.

      • RE,

        Since the existence of God can be proven through both pure reason and scientific evidence, the atheist denial of God has nothing to do with reason and everything to do with blind, irrational belief in the fundamental dogma of atheism:

        “Everything just happened all by itself.”

        It is totally obvious that nothing just happens all by itself.

      • RE,

        God doesn’t happen since he is not part of the time-space that came into existence with the creation of the universe.

        Here, you are committing the fallacy of applying finite attributes to an infinite being.

      • RE,

        Simple common sense informs us that God can no more be subject to the laws of his own creation than an artist subject to his own painting, or an engineer his drawing of a large scale integrated circuit.

      • RE,

        God is not subject to the laws of nature, because He is nature’s God.

        God has attributes that are comprehensible such as creator, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-good, etc.

      • None of that helps me to understand which God I should be following. Nor is it proof of a deity. That could be the work of a highly advanced alien race. There are no hallmarks for a God other than things being pretty complex.

      • RE,

        You just moved the goal post again.

        My comments concern the fact that the existence of God is proven.

        And since “infinite” is another one of God’s attributes, there can only be one God.

        It is completely irrational to ask, “Which God?”

      • Okay, God is proven. It’s nice to see how willing you are to fight Gods case, especially considering an encounter with him will be in the next few decades or so.

        Why do you feel such a desire to argue for a God that we are all going to meet one day anyway? Seems a waste of time to me. That, or you really aren’t as convinced as you claim to be.

      • RE,

        Something else that escapes atheist cognition is the fact that only in Christian Western Civilization did modern science develop.

        No other civilization in human history ever progressed past the beast of burden and slavery as the major engines of commerce and economy.

      • RE,

        All civilizations grow up around religion. That’s just the way it is.

        No religion, no civilization.

        And the greatest, most powerful, must prosperous, most just civilization in human history, Western Civilization, grew around Christianity, mankind’s greatest religion.

      • Doesn’t that just prove that in humanities infancy, we need civilisations to progress and religion to make sense of a world and universe we cannot currently grasp?

        There is nothing special about civilisations being religious. It makes perfect sense to me that this is the case. The longer the human race learns, religion will be less and less necessary. But this doesn’t matter anyway because, like you said, we will meet God anyway!

  • “Having no one or nothing to answer to for their utter absence of morality which resulted in genocidal murder would be a very logical motivation for committing their crimes.” We answer to other human beings and our consciences. And no one is motivated to commit a crime simply because no one is there to answer to. People commit crimes because of evil, selfish desires, and then seek to justify their actions.
    “This is the behavior of atheists without a moral compass.” What makes this so interesting is that the author makes a distinction between atheists with moral compasses and atheists without moral compasses. This means that some atheists, at least according to this author, are moral. If a person is moral and doesn’t believe in God, then by definition that person doesn’t need God to be moral.

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