Sunday opening won’t destroy the Church- but the church might destroy itself

A good article by Bryony Gordon in The Telegraph earlier this month. 

Speaking from (what seems) an atheistic perspective, longer trading hours on a Sunday will have an increasingly positive impact on family life, not the erosion that the church likes to think.

Families today would rather go to the park, enjoy a swim, play a game, and yes, perhaps visit a shop to buy the ingredients with which to cook a Sunday roast. I’m sure this will send me straight to hell, but people were held hostage by churches before the Sunday trading act of 1994. Communal worship was almost the only thing you could do on the seventh day – also known to children as the most tedious one of the week. But since then we have discovered that going to church isn’t the only way to engage in “community activities”. Look at any green public space on a Sunday and you will see it is thriving.

The Church made their criticism known after the UK Chancellor George Osbourne announced longer trading hours on Sundays. An attempt by Margaret Thatcher in 1986 failed after Tory MP’s felt it would ruin family life and church attendance. 

Do you agree with the article? Church attendance isn’t as high here in the UK as elsewhere, it would be good to hear views from other nations.

How do you spend your Sunday? 


One thought on “Sunday opening won’t destroy the Church- but the church might destroy itself

  • Interesting little article about Church attendance. Its nice to get an out ward perspective from a man who does not go to church. He said, “Im sure saying this will send me straight to hell” and the thing is I know that church attendance on a regular basis cannot make us anymore right with God then anything else. I go to church myself not to avoid going to hell but to stay plugged in with those who also follow Christ. I can understand the authors negative view on religiosity, I used to be just like that and felt like I had to abide by a do and don’t list, its the way many people view “religion” but I serve God now because of his love for me, not because he is out to zap me. Thanks for posting this, I have written an article about “why church is important” although when it comes to God’s forgiveness and salvation, we can do nothing to earn that or deserve that, its a gift of grace through Christ. God bless you friend and have a great day!

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