An amusing conversation

R.E: Aren’t you an atheist to thousands of other gods?

W.P user: Atheism- the disbelief of lack of belief in God or gods. Atheism has two meanings, which are you referring to? There is disbelief in God and there is disbelief in Gods.

R.E: Well, I disbelieve in gods and God is one of them, so both.

W.P user: Well, I believe there is only one Diety, therefore I was referring to the first one. So, no. I’m not an Atheist to all other deities, because there is no such thing as “Other deities”. I’m not the one that walks around with a label describing myself as a disbeliever of something/someone who doesn’t exist. If they don’t exist, why bother doing anything that ridiculous? I carry one label, and that is: I am a Theist. There is one God. And I know Him by Who He is.

Do you know all there is to know in the world?!

R.E: Haha! No I do not think I know everything that is to be known. 

I’m not the one that walks around with a label describing myself as a disbeliever in something/ someone that doesn’t exist

Before that you said ‘there are no such thing as other deities‘.

So you do disbelieve all other beliefs/deities in the world. If you believe in God, you choose not to believers in the others. This makes you an atheist.

W.P user: If you don’t know everything, then next question: Is it possible that out of the category of unknown knowledge, God exists? I mean, you haven’t reached all the knowledge yet, have you? So, is it possible?

 You can call me whatever you want. I’m not the one carrying the label and showing it off to everyone. If someone gives you a label, that’s his perception of you. But, is your human self built on other people’s perceptions or do you build it yourself? Your the one walking around claiming that you disbelieve in a cat that, you stated “Has died or never lived”. How ridiculous does that sounds!? I’m the one walking around labeling myself as a believer of an existent God. Because, those who seek God, God rewards them. God rewards me.

Now, how can God be nonexistent, if He rewards me daily?!

R.E: Out of unknown knowledge, God could exist, so could Allah, or Zeus. Why your God? And how does he reward you daily? Are you not concerned that he rewards you yet let’s millions of children for in poverty?


This conversation made me chuckle this morning. It is possible to be convinced of a god to such an extent that the idea of being an atheist to all other religions is irrelevant. I’m going to start labelling the religious as atheists, just to see the confusion. Confusion arising from arrogance. 

There’s plenty of gods out there, you know!


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