Church of England Group: God Should be Referred to as ‘She’

Watch (Women of the Church) have called for a change in how God is perceived, wanting to refer to God as ‘she’ as well as ‘he’. This comes after the appointment of female bishops earlier in the year.

Rev Jody Stowell wants a reconfiguration:

Orthodox theology says all human beings are made in the image of God, that God does not have a gender. He encompasses gender – he is both male and female and beyond male and female. So when we only speak of God in the male form, that’s actually giving us a deficient understanding of who God is.

To me, it gives sufficient understanding on which gender created the Bible. Would a female God give women pain during child birth? Would a female God allow millenium upon millenium of male dominance and in many cases, misogyny?

I’m all for equal rights, in a way it is good if there is this reform. But if I was female, I’m not sure I could stick to a religion that has had me second best for most of history. Especially if I truly believe that religion is the truth.

Featured Image: Reuters/ Darren Staples


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