Bessie the Cow: New victim of police shooting

Featured image from Metro online.

It has made national headlines and almost 10,000 have joined the Facebook group since the incident. It took six snipers, 20 cars and a helicopter to take down Bessie the Cow, an escapee from a local field. 


It all went down in, wait for it… Chicken Road in Wallsend, Newcastle. In fact, just a stones throw away from where I live. Bessie was an escapee of a local field, a bid for freedom too close to a busy motorway. As a result, she was shot dead. 

This hasn’t went down well in the area. There will be a vigil held with large crowds expected to gather in cow onesies.

Dave Turner, creator of the R.I.P Wallsend Cow Facebook page, said that the vigil was serious and showcased community spirit.

It isn’t every day you get a cow getting shot in a field with police snipers so I thought we needed a serious send off for Bessie

Tommy Luke Barnes, a farmer, said: 

It would have been easy to get it in a corner, get some gates around it in a cattle lorry and gone. Police haven’t got a clue how to handle cattle.

This was all started by a barking dog. Talk about the butterfly effect.

The vigil is tonight at 6.30pm.



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