Why religion was given the bOOT out of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? One of the greatest games of all time. It doesn’t just have a place in my heart, it leaped into the Guinness World Records as the highest rated video game ever for very good reason. Today we still hear of its legacy, with Link playing a cameo role in various Nintendo games and constant references to the series seen online and elsewhere.

This is how I stumbled upon an interesting video on YouTube… one that will make you double check what edition of the game you have, or sadly, had. The earlier version of OOT had a more controversial Fire Temple experience, Islamic chanting over the music can be heard. Nintendo opt for no religious influence in its games, upon realising this the chanting was soon taken out. As copies of this game were already on store shelves, any of us old school gamers (I would say eighties and nineties kids now go under this category) may have bought an original cartridge.

The video below highlights what can be heard in both Fire Temples.

This wasn’t down to Islamic groups adding pressure on Nintendo to make amendments, it was too soon after release for that. But if this was released today, what would the reaction be? I have heard Muslims say they don’t mind the addition and thought it added to the game, yet views always vary.

Other notable removals were the star and crescent moon symbol from the Mirror Shield and various objects for religious reasons, also the removal of red blood.

Do you still have the original cartridge?


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