Indonesia recruit females who pass ‘virgin tests’ to defend the nation

Indonesia has adopted a strange policy for women wanting to join its army. It involves a two finger test to check if the hymen is intact, those that have undergone such tests state they were left traumatised, embarrassed and in a lot of pain.

Military spokesman Fuad Basya said about the test,

If a person has low morals, then she cannot join the military. Because if she joins the military, which must handle a huge duty, they are responsible for the countries sovereignty, the unity of the territory, the safety of the nation.

I’m not sure if the Indonesian military know, war is not a basket of puppies. Why does such ‘morality’ play a role in who can and can’t serve their nation? 

The test is nothing but foolishness. To determine who is and is not fit for service with this logic isn’t strengthening their military might. The day a much stronger army does indeed want to play, these embarrassing measures will be put to bed in an instant. This is not at all what I want, but when times really require logic thinking, stupidity is no longer prioritised.

Of all the security checks and procedures in place, the main question is ‘excuse me, have you touched a penis before?’ 

I’d be more worried if she hadn’t. 

Last time I checked the reason we have armies is because we live in an immoral world. An intact hymen isn’t going to fix a broken world. 

Featured image: AFP


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