When God speaks to you, what accent does he have?

I hear this time and time again, God taking time out of his, well, busy schedule and speaking to a select few. I am really curious about these apparant occurances, how does this come about? 

I have a few questions regarding this phenomenon. 

Does the voice slowly come through like a radio being tuned? Or is it immediate and with great clarity?

Does the voice come through with passion, or authority?

What accent is the voice? Is the voice low or high pitched? 

Does God address you by your name? 

How do you reply? Can you? Is it a telepathic response or do you resort to verbal communication?

There are so many question regarding this apparant communication between realms, although anyone who has been fortunate enough to experience this have been too modest to go into detail. 

‘I have talked to God, you know’

Really? That’s it?! Please do tell me more!

With such a lack of urgency and desire to speak of it, it is as if it didn’t really happen.


21 thoughts on “When God speaks to you, what accent does he have?

  • It is hard to explain. It’s just that I have spent a lot of time with God, talking and listening. I have come to know God’s voice. God communicates with me in various ways. God is always communicating with us but not everyone is listening. It’s an incredible thing to have a personal relationship and to be led daily. God has spoken to me through music, movies, animals, other people, impressions, in dreams and visions (visions are like dreams that take place while awake), through the Bible and other books… So many ways! I know God and have for awhile but the longer I know God the more I am able to recognize when Holy Spirit is speaking and what. Just this morning I put my fingers on the keypad and started typing what I heard (not audibly). It’s more like an artist channeling music that just comes to them. This was what I heard this morning. It was for believers so may not ring true for you, but your welcome to read it: https://desertroseinbloom.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/come-away-with-me/

    • Thank you for your reply and the likes 🙂 But I am still deeply concerned with this communication you talk of. Why does God communicate through people, animals, music and movies, yet never make a personal appearance!? This to me, screams that we take things out of context. It is well known that we try to seek patterns out of nature and everyday life, and if God isn’t making a personal appearance surely there is no way to tell these signs are not via a separate God entirely?

      Thanks for the link, I will take a look.

      • It is a personal appearance. It is God showing up personally. Are you talking about in human form. God did show up in human form and was still rejected. So even if God showed up in bodily form to you that is no guarantee you would believe. The physical realm is not the only thing that is real. God is Spirit and shows up for real to my spirit. God is more real than the physical things you see. All of the things you see will pass away but God is eternal.

      • I would most definitely believe if he showed up in bodily form! If he could prove he was God, obviously.
        To me, the physical things I see are much more real. Because I have experienced them. Although many of these things aren’t even conscious they are able to be determined as real as they show themselves. For some reason this God is happy to be deceitful and play games with us. He could prove his existence in an instant, but he chooses not too. Why does he decide not to show up to my spirit?

      • I’ve been taking a browse, but to be honest, all I read is you saying how things are without much evidence or reason. I can speak all day about how Thor talks to me on a daily basis, answers my prayers and speaks through music. And if he isn’t with you then you need to make time for him. But it doesn’t mean I am actually in talks with Thor, it could well be that I merely want to be. Why is your God different to the other Gods people say the same things about?

      • You do not want to know God. At first I thought you might be different from other self proclaimed atheist I’ve met, asking someone to explain something because you were seriously seeking truth. I was wrong. I see that now.

      • I don’t feel a need to defend God’s character. If you truly want to know God you can ask and you will recieve, knock and the door will be open, seek and you will find.

      • I am wanting to seek truth, I just feel Christianity won’t lead me there, it is too vague to hold weight. Ask where? What door? Seek what? I want to find God as much as you want to find any other, isn’t that true? It would be unfair of you to claim otherwise.

  • I think God ‘s communicates with us always. We usually do not recognize.
    It is written in vedas that in the state of sub consciousness (like when sleeping deeply) we are closest to him. But we usually do not remember.
    So, I advise you to practice yoga and meditation. A deep meditation like deep sleeping takes lots of practice and time. But it may worth it and is good for health.

    • But Piyush, doing yoga or meditation is me putting in the extra effort to hear from a perfect God who could easily speak to me directly if he wanted to. I do not know why this perfect God is somehow limited in communication? There is no evidence for any communication whatsoever in my opinion, unless we are happy to settle for much less than evidence.

      • The only way you will hear from God is if u seek to hear him . That means even maybe sometimes taking out a little extra time to try but if you’re not willing to do that u will get no results and that shows that u don’t really care to know him that much . He talks to us through many things maybe not by coming to us in person but that’s only because God works by your faith , he doesn’t want u to believe in him just because he’s right in front of u but because u have faith in him although he has came to people in person before but it’s just like if me and u were put in a dark room but we don’t know each other but then I started talking . You would be like who is that because even though I’m talking to u , u don’t recognize my voice because u don’t know me . Same thing with God , u have to get to know him . But when u have the Holy Spirit u just know when he’s talking to u it’s undeniable , if u had it u would understand what I meant .

      • I understand what you mean, but it doesn’t help your case. As an atheist all I ever hear is that ‘if you want to know God you have to seek him’ and it’s incredibly overused. Why? It’s god, and why should it take ‘a little extra time’ to seek him out? If he was there he would be found immediately. What you’re doing is looking long and hard enough to convince yourself that you have heard from him, when the chances are you haven’t. I’m sure if I spent a day searching for him I would end up hearing or feeling something that I could then justify as God communicating.
        We shouldn’t have to seek God. What does he do up there?

  • But the reason why people always say u have to seek him is because that truly is the way because that’s what he said and that’s just how he works , but see the only reason why we even come to the point of seeking him is because he is drawing us to him because if he doesn’t draw u to him u won’t have the desire to know him so he uses things in your life to make u want to seek him so it really is him trying to show us that he’s real . People say well there’s no evidence of God so I don’t believe in him but really there is evidence of him but they come through personal experiences where he show’s u his power and that’s how he continues to show u that he’s real . If he was to come down and show the whole world like hey I am God then we wouldn’t have a genuine relationship where we truly want to love and know him on our own without being forced , he gives us a choice with free will because that’s the only way it will be genuine

    • ‘If he was to come down and show the whole world like hey I am God then we wouldn’t have a genuine relationship where we truly want to love and know him on our own without being forced’
      Why would he be forcing us to love him by coming down and proving he is real in person? Is the pope forcing people to love him by visiting mass amounts of people at a time?

      • Jesus was on the earth right in front of people and performed miracles right in front of them and even his disciples still doubted him at times . But that’s the point I’m trying to make he wants u to have faith in him . In the bible his disciples didn’t believe at first that Jesus really resurrected from the dead until he came to them and one of the disciples said “It really is u , I believe in u” but then Jesus said “you believe in me because u see me but blessed is the man who believes in me but hasn’t seen me yet” and also this world is filled with sin and evil so God can’t just hang around in our presence in his natural form because he’s too holy , we would be consumed . That’s why u have to build a relationship with him by the Holy Spirit which transforms u into a new creature cause without it we cannot be holy .

      • But why do you have to tell me all this, why can’t he? Do you see where I’m coming from? It would seem much more believable if he was to tell me and not a blogger on WordPress!

  • I see where you’re coming from lol and I get your point but do u see my point ? My whole purpose is to encourage people about Jesus so that he can use me as his vessel that’s how he gets people’s attention by using the body of Christ( meaning Christians) , not force anything on u and I hope it hasn’t felt that way by the way but he gets people to believe in him by using his people through the Holy Spirit . I know u probably don’t even know what I mean by that but yeah .. Otherwise he would have to come down and show the world he’s real but he’s just not going to do that until he returns for good in his second coming . So until then he uses his people to spread the gospel .

    • I know what you mean, I’m not a million miles away from your thinking as much of my family is religious and I was growing up too. It’s just that this won’t convince any atheists because there isn’t any evidence or solid demonstration of him communicating through you to go with. If God really wanted people to listen to him he needs to do it himself. Could you imagine if a parent decided not to talk to you directly and instead got a neighbour to give you messages? You wouldn’t accept it!

      • Okay well I understand . So I guess the only thing I can say to u is to try to get alone saying God if you’re real show me and I mean say it and mean it with a sincere heart and not just jokingly be serious and put your pride aside and I garuntee he’ll answer u ! Even if u done it before just try it again . And write me back after you’ve done that lol . But also ask yourself even if he was real are u willing to serve him and dedicate your life to him ?

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