Would you cause misery without God?

It’s a worrying trend. Religious folk are trying (well, failing) to convince me that because there is no God cementing laws into the fabric of this Universe, we can do what we want. Good or bad. 

Oh, but there is no bad. Anything deemed evil can only be truly so if God says so. 

I am now starting to picture those with this mentality coming to the realisation there is no God. Flapping like a kid taking off his armbands for the first time in swimming class, breaking into a cold sweat at the realisation they have a choice to be moral on their own accord. Not because God says so.

Reading various blogs it does seem (sadly) that many believers wouldn’t choose a good way of life in a world without God. The apparant option between good and evil would be a no brainer. 

Because there is no God, evil has to be the way. Although we have well established social etiquette and understand when we make others suffer with no apparant benefits to ourselves, if there is no afterlife, meh, why not cause a bit of misery? We are just empty shells lacking direction if we are alone.


Yep, morality differs between cultures, there is no absolute. In an ever more multicultural society there will be social conflicts however steps will be taken by both sides to reconsider what is believed to be a ‘good’ person.

Atheism, or a life lived without the belief in a God, is not the threat. The threat is the religious believer that feels religion preserves a stable society but would happily go against all morality if there is no praise to gain.   This is cowardly beyond belief, not to mention a huge step back. I like to think this is just a scare tactic more than anything though, if it came down to it I think those in question would be a lot more civil.

I fail to comprehend the notion that pain and suffering are not experienced if a God is not present. Christians feel pain, Muslims feel pain, atheists feel pain. Regardless of belief, this is observed. We know we feel pain. To use this as a reason to cause suffering, as after all it is ‘just a natural sensation with no higher power determining it right or wrong to inflict on someone’, is disgusting. The works of a bully. 

Dear believer. You are really threatening your own welfare by making such silly claims. It is an open invitation to bully, manipulate and treat you worse than you deserve. You know as well as I do that individuals would suffer just as much without a God determining morality.

Guess what, there is a possibility that God does not exist, I would like to introduce you to this new reality. And if you are happy to cause anarchy in this new Godless world, well good on you for acting immature. The truth hurts, you can either grow up and contribute productively or create the awful fate that you would oh so like to see just to get a point across.

There are 7 billion people you can set a good example for instead of your single God. Please think of your future generations instead of yourself. 


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