Jehovah’s Witness puts religion before her unborn baby- both die as a result

A heavily pregnant Jehovah’s Witness has died along with her unborn baby after refusing a blood transfusion that would have probably saved both their lives, according to medics in this Yahoo News article.

The female must have been taking into consideration one of the two below, from the incident at a Sydney hospital.

Was the refusal to receive treatment due to the fear that both mother and unborn would suffer in the afterlife?

Was the mother-to-be’s decision a purely selfish one, totally disregarding her baby’s welfare to respect a personal lifelong belief?

Either way, this is horrific news. Although I feel more for the unborn in this situation I do have sympathy for anyone that prioritises a false God over themselves, especially with such drastic results.


A waste of this beautiful life. To bring up a child through education and into a life of their own should be such a stimulating prospect that nothing gets in the way. To then throw that away using superstition that diverts all that love and attention selfishly elsewhere? At seven months? Tragic.

Religion. Stand up for it all you like but the reoccurring truth that infants- and many more still in the womb- suffer regularly as a result of the selfish action of adults is embarrassing. Historically the threat of being excluded out of heaven for you and your family may have seemed a much more realistic prospect, today we have enough information to suggest that is probably bull.

Instead of causing suffering to others as a result of silly beliefs, look outside of your little circle.


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