QOTW: How advanced should we be?

Last week I added a post with a quote from Family Guy. Stewie was in an alternate universe, a one free from religion therefore a thousand years more advanced.

If we did have such freedom from religion, do you think we would be more advanced than we already are?


The inquisition. Terror. The execution, torture and jail time for speaking out against beliefs that we still see today have all suppressed the truth.

Would the human race be one without it? Would we use one world language?
Will equality for all enable some of the worlds brightest to make a much more valuable contribution without being held back by race, gender or sexual orientation…

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “QOTW: How advanced should we be?

  • I think we’re doing just fine, maybe even luckier than most. I mean whatever the real reason is for the Fermi paradox we shouldn’t be in any hurry to get there. Perhaps religion is a necessary evolutionary step in society. Hanging on to it too long might be akin to breast feeding longer than usual, but I know so many grown adults who insist on consuming dairy before bed, so we’re not so far above it. I often wander how much more educated I’d be if my mom had me watch Feynman lectures or Sagan’s cosmos instead of Rugrats, but I always end up realizing it’s ok, even cartoons had their part in bringing my mind up. Religion is our history, for better or worse, it’s a part of the human story right alongside all our achievements and blunders. It’s killed so many, and many more testify it’s given them life. A curse to so many people, and also hope to others. It’s so easy to think we’d be better off maturing more quickly, but if we did we might have missed some crucial steps. Slow and steady wins the race.

    • Thank you for your comment Jason, and I agree with you to a degree. I wouldn’t want our kids made to watch documentaries instead of cartoons, nor would I want adults have their comforts taken from them.
      In the past (and the present) some people decide to leave their comforts and look for alternative ways of viewing the world, and been killed for it. Maybe religion is inevitable and a kind of therapy for many to keep going but I cannot ignore the darker side of belief.

      Thanks again for the interesting and alternate perspective on it, I hope you look out for future posts!

    • Thanks for the like math. It could be, but I feel it provides a mental block as any findings would no doubt be used to justify a certain belief system. There are great scientists from many religions, this to me shows that science isn’t leading to a God, instead people are reluctant to take God out of the equation.

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