The end and new beginnings

An old, neglected block of flats is slowly being removed from the skyline I view everyday. A huge crane has been built alongside it for the purpose of bringing it down, block by block it will disappear behind the once dwarfed trees.

The building was, in its day, state of the art. Exciting and necessary for the community.

Today, it is weathered and old. Modern high rises have sprouted around it, built using new technology, improved methods and materials influenced by today’s standards and trends. To take the building out of the cluster is a positive move. Anything coming to an end can be a little sad, but the opportunities gained from this tip the scales.

It has freed up room for new ideas. The remaining hole will be filled with today’s needs in mind.

I like this change. Appreciating what has been implemented in the past without discouraging a new take on things. A new vision and path will constantly form, it is vital to keep progressing without letting outdated ideas become a hinderance.


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