Religion in Los Santos


Playing GTA V for the first time in a looong time, I did what we all love to do…

Wander around messing with people and their property. And I made a cool little find in the process.

Let me get this straight, I would never act out 90% of things I do in the game in real life. Laughing like Bart Simpson as I set fire to fire engines for example. The other ten percent? Well, I’m not going to be able to skydive from a commercial airliner anytime soon.

Upon ending a mission, my character was playable again, casually standing in the house that was the setting previously. Now, anyone who has the strength to turn down the offer from the game producers to have a little wander around a house that isn’t yours, I envy you.

So I obliged.

Walking up to the PC in the living room, the notification appears that I can access it. The browser fills my entire screen (my real television screen) and off to browse I go.

Many advertisements pop up, screaming to be clicked. One such link was a pretty obvious dig at Fifty Shades of Gray- offering the delightful read that is Chains of Intimacy claiming it is as if feminism didn’t even exist. (See, the makers do have a heart).

Then, I come across the Atheist Society Serving Mankind Under Noteworthy Coordinated Humanism, or A.S.S.M.U.N.C.H for short. The leading figure on the site is Dr. Dale Jenkins, providing a lecture.


I know the GTA series mock so many aspects of modern day life, considering how much of that is focused on Americanisation and American culture I am
surprised Atheism was targeted. Are the creators religious? I cannot recall such a stab at religion. It could be an insult in the form of sarcasm considering the difference in British and American faith. British comics Frankie Boyle and Ricky Gervais have made cameos in past titles, both have openly attacked religion in their own stand ups. This may have influenced my perception of a religious free Grand Theft Auto.

I could be looking into it too deep, there are so many parodies that it would be impossible to analyse every single one without wanting to throw the game out the window.

What are your thoughts on the reference? Have you seen this yourself?


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