Everything comes down to God

One of the key factors of religions longevity is fortune and wealth are constantly misinterpreted as the love and generosity of a higher power. Just take a look on social media, it is riddled with it. If you are someone who feels that fortune comes your way courtesy of a fate decider, please stop.
It is great to be appreciative, to stop every so often and reflect on the incredible and almost inconceivable. Cherishing the thoughts that will one day fade and the conditions that resulted in our presence against all odds. It is a privilege that only the human brain can understand to this extent.

That is what we understand for now.

Other life forms within the universe could have answers to questions we haven’t even asked yet. Providing solutions to problems we aren’t even aware of. Extra terrestrial life would be a major step back for earth based beliefs regardless of how the church and other religious sects would welcome the news. It takes God seven days to create Heaven and Earth yet we communicate with a civilisation millions of light years from us? Simple maths render this absurd thinking.

This doesn’t matter though in the mind of a believer. God created the universe…

The civilisations…

The technology providing both communication and space travel between civilisations…

The difference in ideologies as a tool to test our faith in The Lord…

The language barriers…

The separate evolutionary paths…

I am bored of God being the answer to every outcome- regardless of how different the outcomes may be. If we take similar evolutionary paths with a civilisation light years away it shows we were all created the same, if we look and function in an entirely different way we praise God for his creativity and diversity.

It is a win- win, all religious ideologies use this as a preservation technique, straying away from ridicule. When one moral hurdle appears it is pushed back with the response ‘Yep, that was down to God, isn’t he great?!’. Recently on my feed, one WordPress user decided to state God created the conditions that allow chemotherapy to be effective. Nothing said about the horrific disease, no criticism aimed at the pain and suffering Cancer has inflicted on families. Just praise that God has bothered to give us an equally damaging treatment, a good old bash at surviving longer.

It is just as depressing to give praise for the construction of orphanages, hospitals and rehabilitation centres. It is not good enough. Are cures for problems too much to ask?

I do not understand how praising God in such a way makes the world appear any more beautiful, it actually does the opposite.


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